We can help tailor your firearm to make it your own. We can alter the appearance of your firearm to match you personality. With our experience in today’s newest modifications that are out there, we can make you a firearm that is one of a kind.


 With our experience we can  build the firearm that meets your specific requirements. We can accurize your hunting rifle, or turn it into a long range benchrest rifle. We can build up a firearm from the ground up to meet the need that most off the shelf firearms can’t. ​

 Here we display just a small sample of our work we have done over the years.  Some were done for customers and others as fun builds we did in house to test out a few concepts in design.




NEW! - GunCandy Coatings

We're excited to start using GunCandy's Chameleon and solid coloring offerings to expand our offerings in colors. The  unique Chameleon color changing options available work just like those Hot Rods you've probably seen were light direction and angle you're looking at will change what colors you'll see. Is this still as tough as Cerakote? Yes it is! We use Gun Candy in the same Cerakote that you've come to know. Check out the video to see our example of Razorback Chameleon.

Fequently asked questions

Labor - $60 hour                                                      Stippling - $ 150 to $200

Machine time - $120 hour                                Trigger work - Starting at $100

Cerakote  - quote on request                          Sight install - Starting at $25

Parts - quote on request.                                   

Do you offer cerakote in X colors and can I get do it in lace/tiger stripe camo? How much and how long? You don't post the prices on your website.

-Yes, we can do more then the standard offering of colors by mixing them to get the color you're looking for.  Also, we can do complex design/patterns. Time and cost are based on the complexity of the requested order. Typically we can turn simple jobs within 2 weeks, however that depends on our work log.  Cost also varies again on the complexity, number of colors, what type(s) of finish we'll have to remove before applying the cerakote, whether we need to disassemble/reassemble your firearm. This is why we do not post the prices for this service online.

Can you finish a 80% lower for me?

-Short answer, no. While we can certainly finish the machining required to complete the receiver; we would have completed the firearm and are now subject to all federal laws, and ATF guidelines laid out regarding manufacturing a firearm.  Thus we would need to file the paperwork and have a serial number issued, receiver engraved with proper markings, pay a manufacturing tax to Feds,  and then would have to have a 4473 and background check filled out before you could take possession of it. At this time that is more then we care to get into.

I saw a couple of cool looking guns on Instagram. Can you make mine look like that?

-Yes. We can do the machining, stippling, refinishing just like or close to what you see on social media. We will talk over what we can do and combine various machining, grip modifications, finishes to make yours unique.

My trigger on my Glock sucks. I shot my friends Colt 1911 and the trigger was great. I want my Glock trigger just like that. Can you make my trigger better?

-Yes and no. We can certainly make your trigger significantly better then factory stock. However, these are two very different designs and will of course work and feel differently no amount of tuning can replicate the feel and function of a totally different design. 

I'm looking for this part do you have it in stock? Why don't you carry it?

-There is a chance we may have a part you're looking for. However, there are thousands of firearms, and being a small shop we cannot conceivably carry every part in stock for everything ever made. We order as needed in order to keep our costs and prices down.




 We can help design a firearm that will meet the requirements for any particular use or need. We’ll take the time to discuss what you are looking for, and what options there are to accomplish it. It can be anything from optimum concealed carry setup to the 1,000 yard competition rifle.